This blog is written for Founders and startup teams.  I’ll share insights, ideas and creative solutions on developing customers, raising capital, networking and growing your startup.

I’ve had some rare experiences and want to share them.  The first was working on DARPANET in the late 80s.  Getting to help deploy the predecessor to the Internet before anyone had a clue what the Internet even was?  How fun was that? (!).   Next, a decade with cisco Systems (yes, in the early days we used the lower case ‘c’…) in the 90s, going from 500 to 55,000 employees.  Again, getting in a very early market.  Next two CxO roles with small companies:  President at F-Secure USA (San Jose, Helsinki) and CEO at Proficient Networks (San Francisco).   One went public, the other disappeared in a market category that collapsed.

The past 8 years I’ve worked as interim startup executive, advisor and angel investor.  Few things are more fun than working startups:  bright, energetic, passionate and committed people.

Silicon Valley is my home.   I also love eto travel the world, searching for Founding teams that find very early markets the rest of us don’t fully see or understand… yet.


1 Response to “Why read this?”

  1. 1 Micah Berman June 5, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Sorry for reaching out this way, I could not find your email. My name is Micah, and I head up the Business & Finance verticals at FindTheBest. I was reading through your blog posts and took an interest in your articles about venture capital firms and international start-ups who are seeking funding.

    I am interested in both the positive and negative effects that a venture capital firm can have on an international start-up. I’d love to write a guest article letting your readers know more about previous venture capital firms that have funded international start-ups and the success that many of the companies have had.

    Please let me know if you’d be interested. I look forward to working with you!

    Micah Berman
    Business Development

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